FIFA 10: Fastest Selling Sports Game Ever

Posted October 7th, 2009 at 1:30 pm


Contrary to the perception of many in the US, the most popular video game sport in the world is soccer. Consistently games like FIFA, PES, and management sim spin-offs do incredibly well. In recent years it has been FIFA with a huge surge not only in sales but also in online adaptation rates. While it won’t release in the US until October 20th FIFA 10 has already broken worldwide records following its European launch.

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 10 has sold 1.7 million copies in its first week. It has also been host to over 10 million online matches with as many as 155,000 users on at any given time.  With fantastic reviews and consumer response FIFA 10 is primed to have legs over the coming weeks and months. Sales in the US are never very significant for soccer games, however the sport is seeing more interest build here with the MLS and upcoming World Cup so it should see numbers come in similar to or higher than last year.