NBA Live 10 Online Impressions

Posted October 11th, 2009 at 5:56 pm


The last few years have brought strong online support from EA Canada. The titles out of there such as FIFA, NHL, and NBA Live have received new online modes while simultaneously improving the online performance despite the surging number of users to handle. NBA Live 10 continues that trend with excellent online play.

I have yet to experience any lag, whether it be in one-on-one games or in the completely full with 10 users Live Run or Online Team Play. Not enough can be said about that. Response and consistency is very near like playing offline.

It is awesome being able to choose the atmosphere of the games when setting them up. Ranked games are set to “Playoffs” atmosphere which is a lot of fun to have. It really adds to the sense that the game is important, and an online ranked game is a one-off everything on the line experience so it fits. I hope that the feeling doesn’t wear off over time because of how often it’ll be played with though.

I have previously written about Adidas Live Run and you can check out those impressions here. After having played with the Pastapadre squad I’ve found that it tracks all the games that have been completed and you can even pull that up and see the gamertags involved and their points, assists, and blocks for that particular game. There is also the area where you can view your own personal stats for the Live Run mode which displays a whole lot more. You can see all of this on the website as well which is great. Though I’m confused at the links next to each game for “videos” since there is no replay or highlight functionality included in the mode.

Live Run is a lot of fun even though the environment is somewhat dry. The ability to change camera angles and a Teambuilder type system for the logo and jerseys would be the next step. The more customization offered the more people will get into the squad concept. The best part is that you’re able to play a full game in about 15 minutes and it becomes addictive.

Regular Online Team Play returns but just as unranked. The sqauds are only used for Live Run.

Live 10 has what is called “Online Leagues” but as far as I can tell it hasn’t changed much if at all from last year. There is no web support and with it ending after a single run through its more of an online season. Most leagues would not go to completion cause there is no incentive to keep playing once out of the running.

Also there are “Fantasy Teams” which lets you play an unranked game with a team you can build by selecting from all the players in the NBA. Against friends this could be enjoyable but for people just looking to play they’ll probably pass it over and from my time going through it didn’t seem like it was being used very often.

It appears that there is no fatigue in ranked online play. I’d like to at least see some, though keeping it minimal in the games with five minute quarters. It is understandable that most people want to play with the starters but a teams bench should at least be a factor.

There are no replays saved from the online games which is a disappointment. It would be nice to have them stored for when the game is completed in case there was a highlight worthy of saving. Hopefully this is something that can be added next year. (Update) Been informed on Twitter that the PS3 has the replays and that it may be added into the 360 via patch.

Overall a great experience is being had with NBA Live 10 online. The new Live Run mode is a lot of fun when groups of people get together to play. All the games run very smooth and consistent whether it is a standard game or one with multiple people involved which is essential, and that provides a great environment to enjoy the various modes.