Some Details on Madden 10 Patch #2

Posted October 17th, 2009 at 6:14 pm


With the second patch for Madden 10 just about being wrapped up and nearing submission for certification EA Sports has posted a blog noting some of the things that have been worked on. As previously mentioned this patch is very community input-centric having taken many suggestions into consideration to enhance the gameplay experience. Below are some of the things confirmed for the patch however this does not represent the full list. You can check out the full blog posting here and more details should be coming in the near future.

  • Improvements in covering of the flats
  • Improved pursuit angles
  • CPU takes sacks more often instead of the last second throws while getting hit
  • Worked on eliminating various exploits such as with the RB Direct Snap
  • Fixing of problems caused by first patch such as black squares for numbers on some helmets
  • Addition of Seahawks alternate uniforms
  • Improvements to simmed stats in Franchise mode
  • Other updates not specified yet to online, replays, uniforms, presentation, and more