NHL 10 Patch Details

Posted October 21st, 2009 at 3:29 pm

EA Sports has released the full list of details on what the upcoming patch for NHL 10 will include. The game has faced some scattered criticism over freezes, online performance, Be a GM mode, and the downloadable content boosts but has largely been well received otherwise. The patch is expected to release by November 5th though there is no guarantee as it ultimately is dependent on the certification process. Continue on for the full list and leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • Fixed the exploit to slap-shot a 5-hole goal from below the face-off circle.
  • Increased speed of passes with Manual passing on.
  • Reduced the ability to boardplay players who are far away from you.
  • Tuning of trade logic.
  • Added the ability for a user to apply boost slots to authentic helmets.
  • Fixed the bug that would make a player sometimes exit pass blocking (L1/LT) when they got close to their goalie.
  • Fixed the bug that would prevent offline Be a Pro player from getting ice-time in some situations.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen on delayed penalty shots.
  • Improved logic for how fighting affects teamplay scores in Be a Pro.
  • Prevent L1/LT from allowing players to bypass stumble animations.
  • Improvements to goalies to reduce 5-hole goals in some contexts.
  • Tuned thresholds for injuries from hard shots.
  • Added the ability to escape a prefight circle by pressing L2/LB.
  • Fixed the bug that made it possible to “shoot” a puck slowly out of the one-handed animation such that nobody could pick it up.
  • Improved goalie aggressiveness when poking the puck on cross-crease passes.
  • Improved the ability of defensemen are able to do puck pickups behind them to help defend cross-crease passes.
  • Reduced the ability to stuff the puck through the goalie by running into him without shooting (most common on wraparounds and reaching puck pickups).
  • Reduced accidental interference in front of net.
  • Fixed the offline Be a Pro line-change bug where the player is stuck at the bench.
  • Prevent slap passes from being deflected at large angles.
  • Fixed the bug where the goalie does not react to a shot if he’s banging his stick on the ice to signal the end of a penalty.
  • Fixed the bug that makes flip dumps to the middle of the offensive zone go over the glass frequently.
  • Fixed the bug that makes CPU center win draws to the the same side all of the time.
  • Fixed the bug in the stat tracking of passing.
  • Prevent accidental saucer passes after receiving the puck while trying to poke check (because both actions are on R1/RT).
  • Tuning to reduce occurrence of tripping penalties when the player being tripped is stationary or moving slowly.
  • Tuning to game logic to make it a little easier to stay up on the NHL team during 4-game trial in BAP.
  • Many other changes to improve our ability to refine the gameplay tuning with via tuner sets.