Current Thoughts on NCAA Basketball 10

Posted October 23rd, 2009 at 12:40 pm


It is hard to believe but the release of NCAA Basketball 10 is just over three weeks away as it will arrive on November 17th. The demo will be out two weeks from today. EA has been releasing a barrage of trailers and short gameplay clips, however the actual features for the game remain unknown. No features list has been made available and no news on the game other than relating to presentation and motion offenses has come from previews.

Because of this I’m concerned because the addition of an Online Dynasty was really the only way I could picture myself getting caught up in this game. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment either and not having heard anything about it by now means it is unlikely to happen. College basketball games have never been big sellers which is why there is now only one game on the market. Some advances could be made by tapping into the community and competitive aspect by taking part in a dynasty with friends. Maybe research shows otherwise when it comes to this game (such as gaming habits on campuses) or it could be they just don’t have the resources to do that much in one year.

Based on the media that has been released it appears that the complete focus was put into the presentation and tweaking the NBA Live 10 gameplay engine to fit the collegiate style. Certainly those things are welcome and there is good reason for excitement over the CBS and ESPN integration. Whether that will be enough to get people to buy the game who wouldn’t have otherwise remains to be seen.