NBA Live 10 Patch Details

Posted October 26th, 2009 at 10:38 am

The patch for NBA Live 10 is out now for the 360 and will be arriving for the PS3 sometime this week making it just in time to coincide with the start of the regular season. This is a significant update that addresses much of the community feedback on the game. Continue on for the full list of changes that come with the patch and leave your thoughts in the comments. Will be posting impressions on the changes once enough time has been had with the game to evaluate it.


  • Smooth out some of the hitchiness in the gameplay by tuning blend times for passes as well as some various fixes for blend pops across the board.
  • Fixed sliding and warping during standing rebounds
  • Addressed issue where defenders would sometimes watch the ball fall off the rim. Increase the allowable distance for a teammate to come help.
  • Player Lock fixed. AI teammates will now make decisions on their own when user is player locked offball.
  • Put the ball handler into protect dribble if the onball defender attempts to crowd him. Previously, the ball handler would not recognize the defender and just expose the ball.
  • “Rocket dunks” fixed. Fixed a bug that was causing dunks to speed up by 30% and added code to have dunks retain the shooter’s on-ground velocity, preserving his momentum after takeoff. Also applies to layups.
  • Various post play fixes, including the case where two guys would stand next to each other while one of them was posting up.
  • Addressed a potential exploit where it would be too easy to pass to cutters for dunks. As part of this fix, we now allow ball collisions on passes when passing into the paint.
  • AI Stagnation fixes: Ball handler would sometimes not properly pass to receivers in a play. Also, we allow the ball handler to “improvise” if we detect he’s been idling for too long.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes an offball cut animation wouldn’t properly settle into the correct spot.
  • Restricted the post up and under move to within 12′ of the basket. No more ridiculous up and under heaves from deep.
  • Fixed an issue where offball post players would sometimes quickly go in and out of post battles, significantly cutting down on jitter.
  • Fix for big men waiting too long to outlet the ball after rebounding
  • Fix for fidgety boxouts. They should kick in more reliably now.
  • Prevent user passes to teammates who will be out of bounds or to teammates in the backcourt after they’ve crossed the timeline.
  • Improve goaltending calls
  • Fixed ball physics for blocked layups/dunks. There was a mirroring issue that was causing the ball to shoot off in the complete opposite direction of its intended path.
  • Fixes for animation oscillation on defense (ie. jittery movement)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain offball movement animations to not mirror properly
  • Series of small fixes to prevent balls from hitting the floor during rebounds.
  • Fix for shooting fouls not properly getting called on collision layups. This will yield more realistic free throw attempts for both the user and CPU.
  • Put in a fix to mitigate the excessive turnovers inside the paint, specifically after pulling down an offensive rebound. Gives users a little more time to pass out or attempt a shot when they get in congested areas in the paint.
  • Smoother ball handler post up entries. Sometimes guys would “pop” into place.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes “freeze” in an offball post battle before receiving a pass.
  • Fixed bug where the “check assignment indicator” would draw on one of your own teammates in LIVE RUN games.


  • Auto-switch to PG on defense after a made basket
  • Enabled rim stuffs. Now when you try to dunk in traffic, there’s a chance you’ll brick the dunk.
  • Tune nets to make them a bit less stiff
  • Added more variation to “get back” animations after made shots. Less “skipping” back.
  • Disabled the canned scenario steal that happens when you rip the ball from a player who is sizing up. Instead, we allow actual collision with the ball if the defender performs a steal while a ball handler is making a dribble move. Makes for a much more read and react, twitch game on defense.
  • Improved Freestyle pass animation selection to prevent guys from bursting into a sprint while passing on the move.
  • Backdown button is back. Enabled right thumbstick click to toggle between face up and backdown postures.
  • Disabled the turnaround jumpshot that would play if the shooter is facing away from the hoop when outside of 18 feet. So instead of a turnaround three, players will pivot and shoot a regular jumpshot.
  • Minor tuning to shot and layup percentages.
  • Improved responsiveness and AI’s usage of offball cuts.
  • Stop the rebounder from running up court too early after securing a rebound
  • Improvements to reception logic, specifically square up catches
  • Improve player reaction to loose ball situations
  • Left analog passing improvements: Update analog angle metric to consider the receiver’s destination so you can lead the receiver with the pass
  • Improved the logic of when to play a standing reception vs. a moving reception based on the receiver’s momentum and position on the court.
  • Added the ability to “lockdown” perimeter ball handlers (by pressing into them) and force them into a protect dribble state.
  • Ability to shoot “runners” on demand by driving toward the basket, neutralizing the left analog stick and hitting the Shot Button. Works inside of 18 feet.
  • Improvements to user onball defense. Made it easier to stay in front of the ball without “slipping off” when you move your left stick toward the ball handler.
  • Anti-cheese code. Prevent users from being able to take offball control of players and run them under the hoop for the cheap pass and dunk.
  • Inbound flow improvements. Allow the inbounder to move to multiple (closer) locations along the baseline after picking up the ball.
  • User control over shot contest vs. block. Tap of the Block button will always yield a contest animation. Regular press will always jump to block.
  • Several improvements for end of game AI logic. When the AI is ahead, they’ll do a better job at recognizing time and score and use more clock. If they’re trailing, they’ll accelerate the offense.
  • Improve AI logic for pump fake biting. AI defenders will be smarter about defending pumpfakes according to difficulty level. Previously, the higher the level, the more often they’d bite. Also, if user is pumpfaking multiple times in succession, the AI will stay down.

Other fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the DNA Streak would sometimes show an incorrect value
  • Resolved several issues which caused Instant Replay to run out of memory
  • Corrected an issue where PPG points were incorrectly calculated in adidas Live Run
  • Resolved an issue where users with many friends who have played NBA LIVE 10 may experience crashes during log in or post game.
  • Resolved an issue with lobby rooms where a user may crash after soaking in the room.
  • Replay montages should now scale to be full screen
  • Corrected an issue where users would sometimes see their target under teammates instead of their check in adidas Live Run
  • Corrected an issue where there was a missing option to not show again on the “Dynamic DNA Not Updated” screen
  • Resolved an issue where the game would hang if multiple users left a full Online Team Play session and the session filled up again
  • Corrected an issue on the Dynamic Season Team Record screen where an incorrect team would appear
  • Resolved an issue where the game would rarely hang after exiting the first game of a Dynasty season if the user entered Rookie Scouting during the off-season
  • Gameplay exploit fix. 3 pt step back completion rate.