NBA Unrivaled Now Available

Posted November 11th, 2009 at 2:11 am


The XBLA and PSN downloadable only game NBA Unrivaled is now available for for the 360 and should be out for the PS3 tomorrow. Tecmo is going for the feel of a throwback arcade game in the mold of Tecmo NBA Basketball or NBA Jam with this offering. The game features the full NBA license including the teams, rosters, and statistics. NBA Unrivaled costs 1200 MS points or the equivalent $15 on PSN and comes in at a compact 177.25 MB.

As with all downloadable titles there is a free trial that can be played and it is (highly in this situation) recommended to do so before purchasing. Continue on for the official trailer. I will have a gameplay video and some quick impressions up later today.