Chat With Randy Couture

Posted November 17th, 2009 at 12:14 am

This past weekend Randy Couture came out victorious over Brandon Vera at UFC 105. Despite his current involvement there it is EA Sports MMA that will include Couture. With promotion of the game (release in mid-2010) gearing up EA Sports is featuring some of the fighters involved in chat sessions.

The chat will begin at 3PM ET/12PM PT today (Tuesday) and it will run for one hour. This is not for discussion about the game instead the focus is on interaction with Couture.

The easiest way to follow the chat and participate can be found right here. Just enter this article and the chat application will be available. Those familiar with the last live blog I ran will recognize the chat format. You will be able to make comments and submit questions but those coordinating the chat will select what ultimately appears.