Week 10 Ratings Change Suggestions

Posted November 17th, 2009 at 11:31 am


After taking three weeks off from Madden 10 roster updates there should be one arriving on Friday. Given that gap and only one update being released in the last five weeks it should be a very significant one. Keeping up on developments of the last few games are the week eight and week nine articles.

Sidney Rice continues his emergence as a #1 receiver in Minnesota with 201 yards against the Lions. Three of his last four games have included 136 yards, 176 yards, and now 201 which makes his 82 rating look on the low side. Josh Freeman may not have big stats but he has helped the Bucs become competitive. His current 70 rating will probably move up 3-5 points. Similar situation in Tennessee where a 71 rated Vince Young hasn’t been lighting it up but the team is 3-0 with him starting. I’ll bring up Chris Johnson again as he had yet another explosive game with 136 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving.

Jay Cutler may see the biggest decrease in the update. He now leads the league in INTs with 17, passing by and running away from Jake Delhomme in just one game. The 86 he has now certainly can’t be justified and he should probably fall into the high 70s. The only reason he won’t go lower is he still has the potential to turn it around. Joey Porter should see a fairly large decrease also from his 94. Not only was he benched due to off-the-field issues but his play has been sub-par all season and he may not make it back into the starting lineup. As incredible as Adrian Peterson is he will probably lose some from his carry rating after two more fumbles this weekend.

Larry Johnson has joined the Bengals and should be included in the update. The move doesn’t make much sense given the statements that he’ll be 4th on the team’s depth chart. A handful of players have hit the IR including Ellis Hobbs, Roy Williams (Cincy), and Jordan Gross. Also affected by injury is Brian Westbrook who’s status for the remainder of the season is in question after yet another concussion.