NBA 2K10 Will Get Second Patch

Posted November 25th, 2009 at 4:18 pm


Once the first patch for NBA 2K10 was released the question immediately raised was whether or not another would follow. That patch did not fix everything it was supposed to and as always the community has other areas they would like to see improvement in. Today 2K Sports announced that there will in fact be a second patch for the game. While there is no way to lock down a date at this point the estimation being given is that it will arrive sometime in January.

According to the statement the upcoming patch will look to take care of issues that have been experienced in My Player mode and with various online modes. Certainly online is an area that needs work as several of the advertised modes have not been functional since release and the default roster is still being used in online games. It is encouraging to know work is ongoing in those areas but actual results will have to be seen before getting too excited. While it may be coming later than anyone would have hoped it was necessary for 2K to provide another patch to try and rebuild its relations with consumers.