Cyber Monday DVD Deals

Posted November 30th, 2009 at 11:59 am


The Monday following Black Friday has been tabbed as “Cyber Monday”. It is one of if not the busiest online shopping days of the year and brings about great deals on many websites. Having gone through many of the DVD and Blu-ray sales here are some that may be worth checking out. Movies listed below are only a sample of what is available.


DVD: Slumdog Millionaire $7.99, Taken $9.99, Marley and Me $9.99, Valkyrie $9.99, Quantum of Solace $8.99

Blu-ray: Quantum of Solace $9.99, The Office: Season Four $19.99, Planet Earth $39.99, various seasons of House $19.49, 24: Season Seven $18.99

Best Buy

DVD: Paul Blart $6.99, Casino Royale $3.99, Pineapple Express $6.99, Step Brothers $6.99, X-Men Origins Wolverine $9.99, Seven Pounds $6.99, Hellboy $3.99, Hancock $6.99, Superbad $6.99

Blu-ray: X-Men Origins Wolverine $9.99, The Transporter $7.99, Spy Game $9.99, Dawn of the Dead $9.99, Friday Night Lights $9.99