Paul Greengrass Won’t Direct Bourne 4

Posted December 2nd, 2009 at 12:40 am


News broke yesterday that will have a big effect on the fourth installment of the Bourne Identity franchise. Director Paul Greengrass, who helmed Supremacy and Ultimatum, has dropped out of the project. Both Greengrass and Matt Damon had committed to the film but apparently arguments over the script and his treatment during another project led to his departure. It is unknown if Damon will stay on and if he leaves what the future will hold for Bourne 4. It would be hard to imagine Universal would go ahead and do the movie without him but stranger things have happened.

Of course it is possible that things work themselves out and Greengrass returns. This is a lucrative franchise and ultimately Universal may need to make concessions to get it done. Greengrass and Damon have teamed up another time for Green Zone which is due in theaters on March 12th.