Madden 10 Patch #2 for 360 Next Week

Posted December 4th, 2009 at 10:53 am

In a message sent out by senior producer Phil Frazier the status of the patch for the 360 version of Madden 10 has been provided. It is now targeted for release late next week. The patch for the PS3 made its way out early this morning. For those of you with that continue to leave your impressions here.

As most of you now know, the PS3 update was released yesterday. We’re glad because it contains several adjustments that were made based on feedback from you and others in the Madden Community. Unfortunately, during the certification process for the 360, update issues were found that will prevent it’s release this week. Assuming all goes well with our new submission, the title update for the 360 should be released this time next week. We really do appreciate your patience and we’re equally frustrated that we couldn’t release both platforms this week. We’re confident our fans on 360 won’t have to wait much longer.