NBA Live 10 Patch #2 Details

Posted December 9th, 2009 at 5:26 pm

EA Sports has sent out the complete details on what was included in the second patch for NBA Live 10. While it arrived earlier this week for the 360 it won’t be out for the PS3 until next week. Below is the full list of adjustments provided by the second patch.

  • Addressed goaltending issue to ensure that when a goaltending foul is received while blocking a dunk that the correct points are allocated.
  • Addressed an issue ensuring that Ranked Online match forced to have fatigue set on.
  • Fine tuned 3 point % completion rates to reduce the likelihood of successes to more realistic values
  • Addressed an Injury Removal issue, where adding inured players to the starting lineup and attempting to sub them off was unsuccessful.

With the three point issue, the team worked to make the three point percentage more realistic based on tuning the shot release, defender proximity, player skill and distance from the basket. This was a key issue that the community asked be addressed and the development team took the extra time to ensure that three point shooting is more realistic.

The content of this update is very small due to some issues being bigger in scope that couldn’t be fixed in an update and will be addressed in next year’s title (such as the simulation logic). The team wanted to focus on addressing the key issues that the community felt were hurting the game and this is where the attention was paid for the second update.