Second Patch for Madden 10 Now Available (360)

Posted December 10th, 2009 at 9:11 am


Last week the long awaited patch #2 for Madden 10 arrived for the PS3 and earlier this morning it went live for the 360. As long as the console is connected online when starting up the game a prompt will automatically appear to download the update. Continue on for the list of changes once again and leave your thoughts on the patch in the comments!

  • Improvements in covering of the flats
  • Improved pursuit angles
  • CPU takes sacks more often instead of the last second throws while getting hit
  • Worked on eliminating various exploits such as with the RB Direct Snap
  • Fixing of problems caused by first patch such as black squares for numbers on some helmets
  • Addition of Seahawks alternate uniforms
  • Tribute sticker for Steve McNair added to Titans helmets
  • Tribute sticker for Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson added to Eagles helmets
  • Doubled the length of replays
  • Increased frequency of auto-replays especially after touchdowns
  • Reduced the number of times the chain-gang measurement scene occurs
  • Extended time in post-play to allow those scenes to fully play out
  • Stats tuned for franchise mode
  • Decreased chances of injury for players with high injury ratings
  • Included each player’s draft info to be viewable in franchise