The Worst Games of 2009

Posted December 12th, 2009 at 11:58 am

Now that December has arrived and all of the sports titles have been released there will be articles featured throughout the remainder month that look back on the games and big stories of the year. Before starting the countdown on the top 10 games of 2009 the worst has to be cleared out. Last year those were fringe titles FIFA Street 3 and Facebreaker. This time around there is a major franchise included.

3) NBA Unrivaled
There was absolutely nothing redeeming about this downloadable game and it was sold at the egregious price of $15. Thankfully no more than a handful (literally) of people actually bought it so the damage was very limited.

2) MLB Front Office Manager
Lots of online posters exaggerate the problems with games. However FOM was literally broken. Then 2K Sports completely abandoned it providing absolutely no support or even any communication with those who had purchased it.

1) MLB 2K9


The worst major yearly sports title this generation in the context of when it was released. No game has been plagued with as many glitches as regularly experienced in MLB 2K9. It was improbable to get through a single game without coming across at least one if not several. This video is an entertaining example of what the final product provided. As stated back when evaluating the game there comes a point where the “building a foundation” excuse can not be accepted anymore and it becomes apparent the game has very little potential.

2K Sports even disrespected baseball enthusiasts by changing the wall dimension of parks and adding non-existent billboards to provide more space for advertising. At the very least you would expect a company to be true to the sport they are attempting to replicate. Consumers who only own a 360 are relegated to looking forward to the end of the third party license and feeling jealousy towards those who have a PS3.