New EA Sports Game May Be NBA Jam

Posted January 4th, 2010 at 4:40 pm

After a few weeks of speculation and discovery of a possible NFL Trainer game now there is another entry to consider for the new game to be announced by EA this month. ESPN reports the game in question will be an updated version of NBA Jam for the Wii. This is especially surprising given that NBA Jam was made by Midway before passing to Acclaim meaning EA would have purchased the rights to the franchise.

Just as with the NFL Trainer game this probably won’t elicit much excitement given that it is tied to the Wii and expectations for what the mystery game could be had grown somewhat unrealistic. There is demand out there for an NBA Arcade game now that both Street and Ballers have been shut down. Given the success of downloadable arcade titles for the PS3 and 360 the next in the line of expansion would seem to naturally be NBA. However as of yet there have been no indications that one is in the works.

Certainly though NBA Jam has a place in the hearts of many gamers but being limited to the Wii means it won’t be reaching many of them. What do you think about an updated version of NBA Jam as the new EA Sports game? Leave your thoughts in the comments!