First MLB 2K10 Preview

Posted January 13th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Earlier I posted up the full features list for MLB 2K10. Now IGN has released the first hands-on preview of the game.There is a distinct tone of discouragement carried throughout which is not typical of most previews which tend to be glowing or give the benefit of the doubt on issues.

Included in the preview is talk about the My Player mode which appears to be primarily focused on clutch situations, the formula for pitching with the right stick being made more accessible, a defensive swing addition, and “hurry-up baseball” option which removes all the presentational elements. Also new is the “Batter’s Eye” which intends to provide the more talented hitters an advantage.

Just as in real life, standout hitters in MLB 2K10 can see certain pitches coming as the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand. You’ll get a quick text pop-up that says “fastball,” “breaking ball” or “changeup” depending on the pitch and the hitter.

Of note is the commentary which has added John Kruk while keeping Steve Phillips along with Gary Thorne. The decision to hold onto Phillips will be somewhat controversial considering the circumstances of his firing from ESPN and that he is currently without any employment or association with baseball. Given that he remains it comes as little surprise that 2K did not advertise the commentary team in the features list.