New NBA Jam Screen and Fall Release Date

Posted January 15th, 2010 at 10:30 am

With a single screenshot and some initial details EA Sports NBA Jam has started to come into focus. Now thanks to GoNintendo a scan of the Nintendo Power article has been posted that displays NBA Jam from the gameplay angle and reveals the release time frame. Interestingly despite the earlier details this particular screen shows 2vs2 action. Click the image above to see it full size.

Given the strong push already and that voting is being taken each week on the players to include for three teams NBA Jam looked like it could possibly be released in May or June during the playoffs. However the game is not going to be out until the fall which exposes two big questions to consider.

Why are rosters being voted on when many of the players will be on different teams next season? That makes it seem as though this is more of a marketing move than actually how the players will be determined. Also of concern is that it becomes yet another game set to arrive in the fall where the slate is already packed with other sports titles. Being exclusive to the Wii may offer it some breathing room but still it will be hard to expect gamers to shell out $50 more during a period where there are so many other quality options.

This will be especially disappointing news for those holding out hope that NBA Jam would be arriving on the 360/PS3 whether as a standard title or downloadable. It now appears that possibility at the very least is a long ways off.