More on MLB 2K10 Franchise Mode

Posted January 27th, 2010 at 4:29 pm

A new blog from 2K Sports has been posted detailing work that has been done on Franchise mode for MLB 2K10. Additions include 40 man rosters, compensation picks, MLB Today layout, and the ability to Super Sim.  You can check it out in full here.

While we expect people will be pretty excited about 40 Man Rosters and September Call-ups, we think the new feature that will have the most impact on how users play through Franchise will be compensation picks. In a lot of Franchise modes (especially in baseball games with the wide payroll ranges between the big market and small market teams) it is very difficult to ever take a team like the Royals, Pirates, or any other low payroll team and turn them into a legitimate contender. Compensation picks can be thought of as something that can help these lower payroll teams to level the playing field against the big market teams like the Yankees and Red Sox.

Taken from the screenshots are a few player ratings also. The top of the Mariners staff has Felix Hernandez rated a 92 and Cliff Lee a 91. The top free agents (some of whom will be signed before the game arrives) includes Johnny Damon as an 86, Jermaine Dye with an 82, and Gary Sheffield coming in at an 81.