3D Gaming Not Imminent for EA Sports

Posted January 29th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

There has been a lot of discussion recently about 3D gaming and even some developments towards it becoming a reality. Earlier this month at CES it was MLB 10: The Show on display in 3D. Now EA Sports president Peter Moore has addressed it by talking about it in an interview earlier this week.

Absolutely. I’m not making any announcements, but it’s no coincidence that of the 3D [TV] broadcasts I’ve seen in the last two years, I can count the NBA All-Star event in Las Vegas, while ESPN has announced 3D programming – perhaps even a full channel….

“I think there’s great opportunity for EA to bring sports to life in unbelievably imaginative ways, once we can grasp what 3D means to us.”

In a follow-up interview Moore was more specific by stating that while Sony is making it a priority it will be a while before EA has anything in 3D to offer. Instead EA is concentrating on motion control with the Wii and upcoming Project Natal and PS3 wand.

But believe me there’s nothing going on right now that would say I’m ready to demo a 3D sports game. Nothing at all.

So for those guessing that the “innovative and new take on Madden” would be 3D, that can now be scratched off the list. There just isn’t a big enough market for 3D gaming yet. Consumers are still catching up to HD being the standard and even many of those TV sets do not have the capabilities.

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