Info On the Madden 11 Cover Candidates

Posted February 2nd, 2010 at 9:34 am

While I am not at liberty to disclose the candidates that will be up for the Madden 11 cover athlete vote I will be dropping some hints today and tomorrow leading up to them being revealed on Thursday. For those of you following me on Twitter I briefly mentioned a few vague details yesterday and even eliminated some names that had been guessed.

As I first stated upon initial reaction given that EA Sports would need to come to an agreement with any player before offering them up as a potential cover athlete this would not end up as a contest where any player was eligible. Instead there will be three names to choose from and they all come from teams that participated in the playoffs. The vote will determine the single player to grace the cover, it will not be two like last year. Feel free to speculate on who you think the three will be in the comments and check back tomorrow for some more hints that should narrow the guesses down!