EA Sports Bringing Madden to Facebook

Posted February 5th, 2010 at 3:29 pm

Earlier today EA Sports president Peter Moore announced plans for a Facebook version of Madden in an interview with Bloomberg TV. The social networking website is being accepted by more companies as a viable platform to release their games on and expand their reach. Currently the football competition on Facebook includes GridIron Live Football which does not have the benefit of having the NFL license.

Popular games on Facebook have discovered huge revenue streams due to the large user base. The games are free but bring in money through advertising or microtransactions. The site offers the opportunity to target a gigantic audience many of whom wouldn’t play on a console. The hope may then be to have those players advance to the console versions in the future. According to Moore the Madden offering on Facebook will be more accessible and simpler than the console version. Official details such as a planned release date are unknown at this time.