More Details on UFC Undisputed 2010

Posted February 9th, 2010 at 11:56 am

ESPN has posted a new producer interview for UFC Undisputed 2010 that goes over the popularity of UFC 2009 and improvements to 2010. While there isn’t a great deal new revealed there is discussion over the signature moves and submissions, quadrupling of the number of strikes, sub-positions, and the concept of online fight camps. Check out the full interview here.

But now, with the advent of sways and leans, you can experiment with the timing, get in there, get underneath, then unleash these counter attacks that have greater damage depending on the risk that you take to execute the sway. It’s completely changed the game for the better. It still has that easy, pick-up-and-play aspect, but now you have this improved dynamic with the sways and the counters that just makes it unbelievably fun.

I’ll take this opportunity as the first time to mention that following up from the PFC league last year we’ll be running a league of sorts again for 2010. That may end up incorporating the online fight camps, either as one large fight camp or as a competition between camps. When more details are laid out we’ll evaluate the possibilities, make an announcement, and set things up in the forum.