Thoughts On The New Fighting Game

Posted February 12th, 2010 at 11:56 am

EA Sports has a new fighting game on the way slated to arrive in the January-March 2011 quarter as mentioned when the fiscal report was released on Monday. This of course has led to speculation as to what the game could be. Though it is difficult to nail it down specifically there are at least some possibilities that can be eliminated.

  • It doesn’t appear it will be a wrestling game. Both WWE and TNA have exclusive licenses with their respective partners THQ and Southpeak.
  • Def Jam has been tossed out there by some but that series was never released under the EA Sports label. It would not have been identified as a sports title on the fiscal report.
  • There is no way it will be Fight Night Round 5, it would be way too close to the release of EA MMA. They are looking to keep those two titles away from each other in order to maximize sales potential.

To me this would appear to be most likely to be a motion controlled fighting game. No titles specific to Project Natal were listed on the fiscal report but it is a near certainty that EA Sports will have launch titles for the motion capture device. Natal is slated to be out in November so this places it a few months later but it still makes sense especially if it is designed to work with the PS3 wand that is being developed also. It would explain why EA has not announced any details as of yet keeping plans under wraps until the console hardware is officially revealed.

Any ideas out there on what the game could be other than what I’ve discussed? Leave your thoughts in the comments!