Captain America Casting Rumors Swirling

Posted February 15th, 2010 at 2:25 pm

With director Joe Johnston now completely freed up with the release of The Wolfman the current focus for Captain America appears to be on the casting which should be completed in the coming weeks. The movie is expected to begin shooting in June so the decisions are going to be made very soon. Because of that media outlets are doing everything they can to try and get a scoop.

Johnston has previously described the desire to give the lead role to an unknown actor and one that should be in his mid-20s to fit the character. That makes the latest rumor of Chris Pine a little questionable. Pine took over as Captain Kirk in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise so he clearly is not an unknown anymore and he would be on the edge of believability in age. It would be somewhat difficult to imagine him heading up three huge franchises though it’s not impossible. Along with Star Trek he is set to take over as Jack Ryan in the reboot of the Tom Clancy franchise. Even Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes)┬áis only heading up two active franchises.

The studio has been testing a bunch of actors over the last few months and this will definitely be a huge decision for the potential franchise and how Captain America will fit into The Avengers. Other rumors have mentioned Sam Worthington or TV actors such as Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) and Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill). An announcement is expected to be made by March 1st if everything goes as planned.