MLB 2K10 Team Ratings

Posted February 15th, 2010 at 5:45 pm

While everyone waits for the first gameplay videos to arrive for MLB 2K10, Game Informer has been posting a running blog detailing the experience with the game in My Player and Franchise. Just added to the blog earlier today are the overall ratings for every team with the default rosters.

Keep in mind that these team ratings are likely reflections of rosters as of January 15th which is when the roster cut-off generally takes place for MLB games. Updated rosters could alter the team ratings when the game is released. Continue on to check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Boston Red Sox 97
New York Yankees 97
Philadelphia Phillies 91
Los Angeles Angels 91
Los Angeles Dodgers 90
Texas Rangers 90
St. Louis Cardinals 90
Tampa Bay Rays 89
Minnesota Twins 89
San Francisco Giants 87
Colorado Rockies 87
Milwaukee Brewers 86
Chicago Cubs 86
Atlanta Braves 85
Arizona Diamondbacks 84
Chicago White Sox 84
Baltimore Orioles 83
Seattle Mariners 81
New York Mets 79
Kansas City Royals 77
Oakland Athletics 77
Florida Marlins 76
Washington Nationals 75
Cincinnati Reds 75
Detroit Tigers 75
Houston Astros 75
Toronto Blue Jays 74
Cleveland Indians 73
Pittsburgh Pirates 73
San Diego Padres 72