Redbox Joins To Delay DVD Releases

Posted February 17th, 2010 at 1:31 pm

I’ve written on multiple occasions about how the movie studios are making an effort to increase DVD sales with their latest idea being a sales only period before the movies are offered for rental. Warner Brothers was the first to strike a deal with Netflix for a 28 day delay period.

Redbox has been seen as a rebel given their disregard for what the studios wanted. This unfortunately has left them on the outside looking in, with Redbox employees having to purchase DVDs at retail stores for full price rather than getting them in bulk for a reduced price direct as other retailers such as Netflix or Blockbuster do.

So it comes as a disappointment but not a surprise that Netflix has struck the same agreement with Warner Brothers. They will be delaying the release of WB movies in their machines for 28 days and will get the distribution benefits in return.

With Redbox caving its time to just start considering a true DVD release date as being a month later than usual. The other studios will very likely follow with similar deals in the near future. It still does nothing to make me want to purchase a single DVD that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise and I doubt it will have the effect that the studios believe it will.