NFL Draft Coverage Section

Posted February 28th, 2010 at 7:26 pm

As much as I enjoyed doing the first NFL Mock Draft and with plans to release several along the way I have added a new section to the site. The NFL Draft page will contain any mock drafts, player related news, team focuses, and more. Already posted there is the original mock as well as some positional reactions coming out of the combine with more to follow. I may end up covering free agency as well but I have not decided that for certain just yet.

You’ll notice that these stories will not hit the home page instead they will be housed just in the NFL Draft area which can be found on the navigation bar of the site. As I wanted with the Entertainment Division any additional branches should not impact the normal experience for those who visit the site just for the sports gaming news. However if you are interested in either make sure to check out the sections as they are updated on a daily basis.