First Patch for MLB 10: The Show Released

Posted March 3rd, 2010 at 11:54 am

While continuing to respond to some of the early issues being experienced on the first day of release, SCEA has already pushed the first patch for MLB 10: The Show out. This patch was created and cleared through before release of the game, meaning it does not address the issues that gamers have since reported. Continue on for the full list of fixes in the patch and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Minnesota day and night, backstop changed to limestone
  • Fixed bug causing trades not to be accepted in Spring Training
  • Fixed hard drive game data space and messages
  • Road to the Show presentation mode settings are now saved after rebooting the game
  • Fixed RTTS issue when on the game stats screen after skipping training and then playing a game
  • Fixed issue in franchise mode and controlling of 30 teams and releasing a lot of players
  • Fixed issue when selecting “Movie Maker” with 10 replays for a movie when 11 are present
  • Fixed ball deflection sounds off players
  • Fixed issue with pitcher batter status window
  • Fixed issue with injuries during online games
  • Fixed fielding issue with catcher overthrowing first base on a dropped third strike
  • Fixed fielding issue with the ball in the dirt right at the feet of the user catcher
  • Fixed an issue when playing a tiebreaker game
  • Online addition of game history option in user list options. Can be found in leaderboards, league lobby buddy list, and schedule screens