MLB 2K10 Online Play Will Require Patch

Posted March 5th, 2010 at 3:34 pm

After investigating the issue previously reported on, 2K Sports now states that the fix to online play will be coming via patch. That means that ranked games, at least on a frequent basis, could be largely inaccessible for at a minimum of a few weeks. More likely it will be well over a month under the assumption that they roll it into the first gameplay patch.

To give an idea of the severity of this online problem had it been discovered by Microsoft and Sony then MLB 2K10 would have failed the certification process. Having to restart the game because of a lock-up is an automatic fail in certification testing.

Currently there still has been no mention made of trying to improve the lag being experienced that makes hitting a total guessing game. It is unfortunate that online play has been hit with issues of this magnitude. For the most part I’m enjoying MLB 2K10, in particular My Player mode, to the extent that I may even end up playing it more than the competition this year (offline). Full impressions of the game and more will be posted in the coming days.

(Update) There is a “workaround” which can be found here, and while a PITA at least it would get someone into playing a ranked game and avoid them being locked into the team select screen. Regardless though a workaround is not a solution, and most people will not be aware of it and will either give up on trying ranked games or get frustrated that they constantly have to restart their console.