MLB 10: The Show vs MLB 2K10 Player Face Comparison – Part One

Posted March 16th, 2010 at 2:50 pm

It is always worthwhile to compare different elements of competing games and the visuals are initially the easiest to do so. I went ahead and grabbed screenshots of 20 popular MLB players in order to judge how well their faces were rendered in MLB 10: The Show and MLB 2K10. The screenshots were captured using the same method so as to eliminate any difference in quality produced by the screenshot features of the particular games.

Continue on to check out 10 of the players up against each other from MLB 10: The Show and MLB 2K10. The final set of 10 players will be posted later this week. MLB 10: The Show images are on the top and MLB 2K10 are on the bottom. Vote in the polls for which you think are better and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Ryan Howard

Manny Ramirez

Joe Mauer

Jonathan Papelbon

Brian Fuentes

Alfonso Soriano

Evan Longoria

Roy Halladay

Tim Lincecum

Mark Buehrle