Are You Satisfied With The Baseball Games This Year?

Posted March 22nd, 2010 at 8:31 pm

No one can reasonably expect a perfect game, there will never be one. However consumers do have a right to expect a finished game. What we have this year, with MLB 2K10 and MLB 10: The Show, are arguably unfinished games. They certainly at least released that way, with The Show needing a patch to clear up some big franchise problems and freezes while 2K10 needed one just so people could play online ranked games without getting stuck and having to restart their consoles. And in the case of the multi-platform MLB 2K10 they have chosen to neglect the PS3 version by not releasing the patch there.

However, even after the recent patches that have released, both games have pressing issues that remain. Just to mention a few: In 2K10 there is essentially no managerial AI in My Player mode, fielder arm strength is off the charts, and the lag in online play requires the user to commit to swinging before the pitch can even be read. The Show still is plagued with instances of freezing, various bugs in franchise mode, and the online play is once again a major weakness for the series. While both games can probably be pegged as “good” they certainly have their share of problems to go along with their strengths. Still the excellence of The Show’s gameplay and authenticity and 2K10’s fun factor shouldn’t be overlooked despite these things.

So, the question is, how do you feel about this year’s crop of MLB games? Are you ultimately satisfied with them or do you find yourself frustrated by what is lacking or the problems they’ve had? Vote in the polls and leave your thoughts in the comments!