MLB 10: The Show vs MLB 2K10 Player Face Comparison – Results

Posted March 24th, 2010 at 2:44 pm

After collecting over 46,000 votes based on 20 players faces from MLB 10: The Show and MLB 2K10, it is The Show that comes out on top with a score of 11-8-1. The biggest thing learned through the process and the voting results is that 2K has surged into the discussion and is now hit or miss, just like The Show, instead of terrible across the board as was the case last year. Continue on for a breakdown of the voting on player faces in the two MLB games.

Biggest MLB 10: The Show Wins
Roy Halladay – 89%
Mark Buehrle – 87%

Biggest MLB 2K10 Wins
Alfonso Soriano – 75%
Prince Fielder – 71%

Closest Call (TIE)
Albert Pujols – 50/50 – Separated by only four votes

Cover Athletes (Both Won By The Show)
Joe Mauer – 85%
Evan Longoria 75%

MLB 10: The Show (11 wins)
Ryan Howard
Joe Mauer
Brian Fuentes
Evan Longoria
Roy Halladay
Mark Buehrle
Adrian Gonzalez
Chase Utley
Felix Hernandez
Alex Rodriguez
Jonathan Broxton

MLB 2K10 (8 wins)
Manny Ramirez
Jonathan Papelbon
Alfonso Soriano
Tim Lincecum
Mariano Rivera
Prince Fielder
CC Sabathia
Zack Greinke

See the first set of player face screenshots here
See the second set of player face screenshots here