QB Draft Rankings

Posted March 27th, 2010 at 6:14 pm

Here is the first set of positional rankings heading into the NFL Draft. This one focuses on the quarterbacks, not a particularly deep crop of talent this year. There are 12, maybe 13 that could go in the draft with a handful more likely to be picked up as UDFAs.

I will be posting up rankings focused on each position over the coming weeks. The lists may change as opinion adjusts or news comes out that affects the stock of the players. These rankings are based on my personal analysis of the players and how well they will translate to the pros along with where I’m projecting them to be taken.

1- Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)
Projection: 1st Round, Top Four
Good Fits: Rams, Redskins

2- Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame)
Projection: 1st Round, Top Nine
Good Fits: Redskins, Browns, Bills

3- Colt McCoy (Texas)
Projection: Late 1st-3nd Round
Good Fits: Vikings, Browns, Eagles

4- Tim Tebow (Florida)
Projection: Late 1st-Mid 2nd Round
Good Fits: Jaguars, Browns, Bengals, Patriots

5- Tony Pike (Cincinnati)
Projection: 3rd-4th Round
Good Fits: Bills, Panthers

6- Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State)
Projection: 4th-5th Round
Good Fits: Seahawks, Panthers, Chargers

7- Jarrett Brown (West Virginia)
Projection: Late 2nd-3rd Round
Good Fits: Patriots, Browns, Steelers

8- Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan)
Projection: 3rd-4th Round
Good Fits: Steelers, Browns, Panthers

9- John Skelton (Fordham)
Projection: 3rd-5th Round

10- Jevan Snead (Ole Miss)
Projection: 4th-5th Round

11- Sean Canfield (Oregon State)
Projection: 6th Round

12- Mike Kafka (Northwestern)
Projection: 6th Round-Undrafted

13- Max Hall (BYU)
Projection: 6th Round-Undrafted

14- Jonathan Crompton (Tennessee)
Projection: 5th-6th Round

15- Levi Brown (Troy)
Projection: 6th Round-Undrafted

16- Daryll Clark (Penn State)
Projection: 6th Round-Undrafted