More on the Draft Day Ratings Suggestions

Posted March 31st, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Given some of the reaction to the news that fans will have the opportunity to affect rookie player ratings in Madden 11, EA Sports has clarified some of the details on how much influence will actually be had. Peter Moore made a statement that the average rating from the fans would be the baseline with adjustments being made afterwards, however it appears the procedure will be completely different.

Donny Moore will be setting the initial rating for players which will be released during the draft. Fans will then have the opportunity to influence that rating but not significantly. It may end up being a max of +/- 5 off that number, though ongoing discussion could bring the max change down. Personally I think +/- 3 points would be a reasonable. Enough to be worthwhile without changing the outlook of a player’s worth completely.

The way it is now being explained makes a lot more sense than how it was introduced yesterday. Just like the ratings suggestions made on a weekly basis throughout the season, it is much easier for fans to look at a starting number and make a determination on whether they deserve an increase or decrease. Just asking for a player’s starting number would have resulted in a wild range of submissions that could have been more influenced by biases one way or the other.

It is reassuring to know that at least the ratings won’t be based off an arbitrary average number as voted by fans. It is difficult enough to evaluate rookies even for those who are very knowledgeable. Allowing a large number of people who know very little about the players to assist in their early ratings understandably shook the nerves of gamers. At least the influence will be restricted, while at the same time bringing people in to feel like they have a voice on these ratings.