Padrecast: McNabb Trade Edition

Posted April 5th, 2010 at 10:56 am

The week’s Padrecast ran longer than anticipated but that was natural as there were a ton of worthy topics to go over. Below are just some of what is discussed in the 45 minute running time. Download the podcast directly from here or listen using the player below!

Sports Gaming
Decision to allow fans to influence Madden 11 rookie ratings
Reaction to the Backbreaker preview and thoughts on the game
Analysis of the community response to the MLB titles
NBA Jam for the Wii may not have online play or roster updates

Joss Whedon rumored for directing The Avengers
New Trailers for The A-Team and The Expendables
Two Independence Day sequels may be coming
Godzilla getting a reboot

Discussing the ramifications of the Donovan McNabb trade