Tim Tebow Confirmed NCAA Football 11 Cover Athlete

Posted April 8th, 2010 at 9:19 am

It comes as absolutely no surprise that today Tim Tebow has been announced as a cover athlete for NCAA Football 11. ESPN has posted an interview with Tebow that talks about the cover news, his thoughts on NCAA Football 11, and his pursuit of Donny Moore to boost his Madden 11 ratings.

Update: Tebow is confirmed to be on ALL versions of NCAA Football 11. Kotaku got the info that he will be the universal cover athlete for the game.

“Tebow will be the best trucking quarterback in ‘Madden’ this year,” said Donny Moore after the meeting. “He’s not the most elusive, but in terms of breaking tackles and power, he will be able to put down his shoulder and run over a few defenders. A lot of this is fluid, but right now in ‘Madden 11,’ we have Tebow at 80 speed and 92 acceleration. Trucking, carrying the ball, like I said, he’s going to be better than any quarterback coming into the league.”