Reactions to the Latest EA MMA Footage

Posted April 18th, 2010 at 10:44 am

Earlier I covered the impact that the fiasco of a night for Strikeforce could ultimately have on EA Sports MMA. Along with the events of the evening, throughout the broadcast there was footage from the game shown to demonstrate what to look for prior to each fight and and a brand new trailer officially released.

Overall it appeared pretty similar to what was seen in the video a few days ago, with the takedowns looking especially good but otherwise plagued by weak striking and “floaty” movement. Again though, we are still 6-8 months out from release and it’s unprecedented to get any footage this early let alone extended sequences like these. Continue on to watch the trailer and “Keys to the Cage” footage and read some reactions from a few MMA focused sites/articles.

  • MMA Torch: They showed 42 commercials for EA Sports MMA (which, if I were a gamer, looks so bad that it would make me STOP playing video games, just out of fear of being associated with a hobby that could include THAT hot mess).
  • Around the Octagon: EA Sports MMA looks pretty sharp. What is surprising is to see Gegard Mousasi stuff a takedown from King Mo in the commercial. That never happened last night.
  • Bleacher Report: Strikeforce used EA Sports MMA videogame footage to explain each fighter’s keys to victory. These demonstrations were cheesy, and the in-game footage used looked pretty terrible at times.