Madden 11 Dual Stick Controls Detailed

Posted April 20th, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Gamespot has revealed first info and provided tech demo videos on dual stick player control for Madden 11. You can check out the full article detailing the controls and idea behind the implementation of them here.

The basic breakdown is, left and right are your foot plants/breakdown and jukes, forward is truck, and forward and then roll to left or right twists the upper body. Back is a “hesitation/high knees” move and half circles around the bottom of the stick are your spins.

This would seem to fit with the “simpler, quicker, deeper” mantra of Madden 11. At first read it actually seemed somewhat complicated and confusing. But the idea is that moves like these aren’t being forced on novice users, who could also use the standard buttons which remain an option, and instead the more expert Madden players will take advantage of what the sticks provide. This also appears to be another way to differentiate players based on ratings other than speed. Continue on to check out the tech videos and leave your thoughts in the comments!