Rough Start to UFC 2010 Demo Process

Posted April 29th, 2010 at 11:44 am

The big news of the day was to be the release of the demo for UFC 2010 Undisputed. As noted previously, codes are being given out to all members of the UFC 2010 community site. They were supposed to be released in the early AM hours. Not only has that not happened yet, but the site has been down throughout the morning as it struggles to deal with the traffic, and THQ has not updated the community at all on the events that are taking place.

When the info about the distribution of the demo came out I appreciated that at least it was not being tied into pre-orders, however also immediately noted that there was the potential for disaster in such a set up. The website even had issues handling the traffic related to the news of the demo, let alone a potential rush there to obtain the codes. Given that the site has been crippled this morning and the codes aren’t even out yet that doesn’t bode well for the developments throughout the day.

What is most bothersome is not in the issues being had at the current time (again that was pretty much expected) but that THQ has not released any sort of update on the status of the site or progress towards getting the codes out. They still have yet to even detail how to go about getting the codes when the time comes. The only recent development has been the taking down of the forums but communication has remained non-existent. Thousands of people are currently being strung along wondering what is going on. Once more is known I will update here or post a new article dependent the magnitude of the information.

(Update) Per a statement just released on the game’s Facebook page, the code distribution has been delayed until the evening. That should be considered tentative given the events so far.

(Update #2) For more check the latest article.

(Update #3) Codes are out now.