NCAA Football 11 Authentic Team Entrances

Posted May 4th, 2010 at 3:26 pm

EA Sports has released a new blog going into detail on the pregame team entrances for NCAA Football 11. The blog goes into detail on how they were built and includes a few screenshots of unique entrances. Some of the schools mentioned to have received custom entrances are Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Tech, and Florida State. You can check out the blog posting in full here.

It was import for us to create a sense of nostalgia and identity with each entrance, and we did that by finding key elements that separated one team from another.  Objects like LSU’s “Win Bar” or Tennessee’s “I will give my all for Tennessee today!” sign helped us to expand our interior environments.  However, other key elements were found via the interactions of the players; for instance, Ohio State’s players interlock arms as they head to the field.  In addition, we looked to see what role the teams’ mascot played in the entrance.

Yet another item from the leaked survey now confirmed. That stated there would be more than 30 authentic team entrances so some number in that area should be expected. It was not stated in the blog whether teams that did not receive a specific unique entrance would get a generic one or none at all.

This is a good start to adding a sense of emotion and attachment to the series which has been severely lacking. I still hope to see more of that from the on-the-field performance and actions as well. Continue on to watch the video and leave your thoughts in the comments!