MLB 2K10 $1 Million Won on First Day

Posted May 5th, 2010 at 11:35 am

2K Sports has announced the winner of the $1 million Perfect Game Contest. The man who won, Wade McGilberry of Alabama, pitched the perfect game on the first day of the contest. By delaying any announcement until now 2K was able to continue advertising the contest in MLB 2K10 commercials even though it had essentially been over since day one.

On the first day there were multiple reports coming out of people having pitched perfect games, with some even going as far as to post the code that showed up on screen after completing the achievement. It was evident at that point that someone was certainly going to win the prize, it was just a matter of who would follow the very strict and specific rules in the process. At least now those skeptical that 2K would ultimately end up giving out the $1 million can rest comfortably knowing they completed the obligation and it wasn’t just a publicity stunt.