Madden Rookie Screenshots: NFC

Posted May 6th, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Those of you who follow on Twitter and Facebook were able to check out screenshots of some of the rookies in their pro uniforms over the course of last week. Those are still up and can most easily be found on the Facebook album (make sure to “like” it while there!). These screens go beyond that group, offering up different shots of the same players and screens of others who were drafted. To see the previous AFC set of images click here.

I tried to grab as many as possible in Madden 10 by using the NCAA 10 draft classes. It was a lengthy process throughout made worse by delays in announcing player numbers. Mike Iupati is the lone player missing from this batch that I would have liked to have included. Continue on to see the screens for the NFC rookies and leave your thoughts in the comments!