No Patch Coming for Tecmo Bowl Throwback

Posted May 6th, 2010 at 6:27 pm

Word of a patch for Tecmo Bowl Throwback has now been squashed with Tecmo coming out to state that they will now not be providing one. The patch was planned in attempt to solve an issue with recording wins and losses when one side quits out of an online game. Kotaku has a full story on the news. The game released last week for the 360 but still has no stated release date for the PS3.

As mentioned in my impressions of TBT, one of the drawbacks to a downloadable title is that they generally get little to no post-release support. So it was initially encouraging to hear that a patch would be coming for the game, however now it seems unlikely any post-release support will be provided. Issues with rage quitting were not all that could have been targeted. Other multiplayer issues including severe lag and a glitch to freeze up opponents have plagued the experience.