Clearing Up How GameFlow Works Online

Posted May 10th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

A comment I made on Twitter the other day struck up a discussion that made it obvious the implementation of GameFlow for online play in Madden 11 hadn’t been clarified completely. GameFlow play-calling will remain as an option for unranked games, and can be either turned on or off for Online Franchise, but GameFlow will be activated for all ranked games.

With GameFlow turned on either party can access the full playbook it just requires a button press in every instance in which the desire is to reach it. So in an online ranked game if someone wanted to browse through their playbook for every play call they would be able to do so, however it would certainly seem to become an annoyance in having to hit that button after every single play. It is important to stress that having GameFlow on does not mean the full playbook is out of reach. It is up to the individual whether to take the suggested play or delve into the full playbook.

My main concern with this is based on one party or the other throwing off the balance of things. Should I choose just to utilize GameFlow for my plays yet my opponent continually goes into their full playbook it is going to mean waiting around for however long it takes them to select their play. The increased pace of the games, being touted the biggest advantage provided by the GameFlow feature, essentially then is negated.