Possible Release Date for NBA Jam

Posted May 10th, 2010 at 8:26 am

NBA Live 11 and NBA 2K11 will be releasing on Tuesday October 5th. It now appears that too could end up being the date for the release of NBA Jam on the Wii. We’ve known for sometime that the game was set to release in Q3 (October-December) but it was uncertain where it would fall in that range. No release date has been confirmed for NBA Jam (and may not be for some time) but indications are it will also release on October 5th.

EA Sports does not release NBA Live on the Wii so there would be little conflict with both series coming out on the same day. The Wii userbase is not likely to pick up multiple basketball games so the competition from 2K Sports NBA 2K11 is there to consider. It could be that EA does not want to present 2K Sports with an opportunity to take some potential sales away, and that is more important than having a launch day to itself. While 2K11 and NBA Jam are completely different it stands to reason that a large portion of Wii consumers would be unlikely to purchase two basketball games regardless of their respective styles.