NCAA Football 11 Quarterback Blog

Posted May 14th, 2010 at 2:29 pm

EA Sports has released a new blog that focuses on QBs. Specifically how dual-threat QBs can be defended and adjustments made to QBs throwing while getting hit. You can check out the full blog posting here which includes a couple pre-play screens. Those can also be seen in the screenshot gallery.

The dual threat QB’s are often times the hardest to stop.  A defense must be able to account for the QB running the ball while also playing enough pass defense to not allow big plays through the air.  Dual-threat QB’s, just like in real life, have always been tough to handle in our NCAA Football titles.  So this year we decided that we needed to give the user more options to help defend against them.

Scrambling QBs have always been overly dominant in the NCAA Football series so more options to contain them are welcome. Hopefully that will shine some light on those QB’s deficiencies making the balanced or pocket QBs more effective in their own right.