Rumor: THQ To Announce Code Requirement To Play UFC 2010 Online

Posted May 17th, 2010 at 10:31 am

THQ may be set to announce that a code will be needed to access online play for UFC 2010 Undisputed. The rumor seems to have originated at though it has since been established elsewhere as well. Apparently posts at the official UFC Undisputed forum that have discussed the possible news have been repeatedly deleted leading many to believe there is legitimacy to it. Though the original rumor was just that THQ would be making a controversial revelation regarding UFC 2010 the signs are there that this will be related to the code pack-in with new copies of the game.

Based on multiple sources of information that match up it does appear that THQ may be revealing their own version of the “Online Pass” that EA Sports recently announced for all their games. A reviewer on GameFAQS let the information out as copies are now in hand for some. A one-time code is found on the instruction manual providing access to online play for free for anyone who buys the game new. Anyone who would get the game used or rent the game would need to pay in order to play online. No word if they too would be offering a trial period or the price that would be charged for those who need to purchase a code.

If this is the case then THQ needs to make the announcement immediately as the game is out in just eight days. It isn’t just about being upfront with consumers but also that it would make sense for them to let it be known. Those who may traditionally wait to grab a copy used and save a few bucks may just purchase it new by having a full understanding of the circumstances.