Backbreaker Demo Dated and Details

Posted May 20th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Official word has made it out that the demo for Backbreaker will arrive for the Xbox 360 tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9am PT while the PS3 is expected to get it next Tuesday. The demo will include training camp drills, tackle alley, and exhibition. Six teams are included to choose from.

It definitely was a good move to make the demo extensive and include drills in addition to regular gameplay. Look for videos and impressions beginning tomorrow and through the weekend! Continue on to check out profiles of the six particular teams in the demo and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Charleston Cougars
This team is heavily biased to the offensive side of the ball, based around a long-time star player.

Strengths: Behind the Center sits Cougar Greathouse, The Cougars’ star Quarterback is regularly chosen as starting Quarterback for the UPFL division’s All Star team. He’s the cornerstone of the Cougar’s offense, backed up by steady players at Fullback, Halfback and Receiver slots. Unlike some of the weaker teams in their division, they are capable of leaning on the passing game whilst still mixing up their playcalling.

Weaknesses: With the team being built around the talent of Greathouse, their Defense has lacked the big star names needed to dominate. Though they play hard they can sometimes be exposed when playing tougher opposition.

Smart teams attempt to break down the Cougars by attacking their O-line, which isn’t as strong as their passing numbers make out. Many teams seek to blitz through and bring down Greathouse before he can make the play. No Greathouse, no Cougars.

Columbia Colonels
A well rounded team, with their star player, Craig Swanson, bringing the pain at the outside LB position. Marshall Coy at Quarterback has a strong arm but is often restricted by his receiving corps, which lack a stand-out passing option. They favor maintaining possession, controlling the clock and slowly moving up the field rather than throwing long for big gains.

Strengths: Strong all round team, good Defense.
Weaknesses: Often lack the ability to make that one big play against a superior team.

Pittsburgh Pioneers
The Pioneers are one of the more unusual teams in the BBFL. While Devonte Levy at TE typically wins the praise as the Pioneer’s main playmaker, their true strength perhaps lies in their special teams where they have a strong set of players with which to gain strong field position, put points on the board and swing close games in their direction.

Strengths: One of the best Special Team units in the League. Their kickers are accurate and powerful, while Isai Kelly, at Kick Return, piles the pressure straight back on whenever he touches the ball.

Weaknesses: They have problem positions, Donavan Sexton at FB often getting the brunt of the blame, having not lived up to the promise he showed when he was drafted by the team, Sexton has increasingly proved himself to be a weak link in the Pioneers’ offense.

Chicago Talons
The talons are one of the weaker teams in the BBFL. With the exception of Alan Gomez, star RB, their Offense often lacks the power to make the big play when under pressure. In an offensive shoot-out, the Talons have a habit of coming out second best. When things are going their way they rely on shutting down opponents with their strong D and trying to keep momentum rolling with their running game.

Strengths: Very strong D, especially at CB. Good special teams. Though Gomez often has to carry the weight of his team on his shoulders, if can break into the open field, he can do major damage.

Weaknesses: Lack of options on offense, can struggle to get back into a game if it starts going against them.

Indianapolis Spartans
The Spartans are a tough team to beat. Taking them down requires containing their offense – easier said than done. Those trying to break through their O-line by Blitzing are often forced to rethink things pretty quickly. Getting through to sack Reed Wagoner at Quarterback is easier said than done.

Strengths: Awesome offense. Even though McPherson is said to be somewhat slow at WR – the Spartans have enough options in their receiver corps to spread the ball around. Once a defense has been weakened, they often strike a killing blow with their star Tight End, Stone Lara.

Weaknesses: It’s hard to find any, which is why they are currently sitting pretty near the top of the BBFL. Their Defense isn’t the best in the league, but it won’t help most teams that come up against these guys. You need to bring your A-Game against the boys from Indiana.

Oakland Scourge
The scourge are a team built from the backfield. Their secondary is amongst the best the league has to offer, and they tend to keep a lid on somne of the league’s toughest offenses. Their star player on offense is Dexter Houston a Running Back, renknowned for being tough and reliable. Houston is at his best when running downhill for consistent gains that are tough to stop. Strong fast and agile, Houston embodies the way the Scourge play. It’s often said that the addition of a world class QB would put the scourge right up there amongst the best of the best.

Strengths: Very strong secondary makes it difficult for opponents to make big gains. Often teams will be reluctant to throw long against the scourge, as it’s a team that prides itself on Ballhawking.

Weaknesses: They talk about replacing the QB for a reason. Corey Stark could be generously described as an average BBFL QB.